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4 11, 2015

My new Favorite Gadget- Karma

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Using this link, you also get $10 off.

22 08, 2015


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Growing up in little place called Alachua, Florida. It was mostly nature county with a lot of red necks with pick-ups who goes out for mudding drive or race down the street. I have been moving to several place such as Jacksonville, Mobile, Gainesville, Lake City, and even to Los Angeles for short time. […]

14 08, 2015

My Cruise Trip in November Has been Cancelled. But….

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13 08, 2015

Tips for First-Time/Rookie Travellers

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Plan a flexible itinerary. Decide on the main things you will do, but be careful not to cram too much in.
Print several copies of your itinerary and leave one with your parents and a good friend.
Download Wunderlist or Evernote – it helps you to planning your vacation, to-do, reminder, basically it’s useful app to plan ahead of […]

12 08, 2015

It’s Time To Monitor Airfare for Deaf Nation Expo 2016

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Attention Deaf Nation Expo – Las Vegas – 2016​ attenders.
It IS time to monitor airfare starting today, sometimes there’s great deals when book ahead of time or use your mileage for example United​

will have saver award which you can use 12,500 mileage instead of standard award which is 25,000 mileage. By booking with saver […]